Welcome to the European School of Esthetics

Let’s Discover the Beauty in Everyone of us!

The European School of Esthetics is a place to learn about beauty, inspiration and ideals. We help you to understand natural beauty, cosmetics, and the technologies that are used to gain beauty in all its aspects.

It is particularly important to us that our students enjoy one of the most beautiful professions they can learn. The fields of work and job activities are diverse and unique worldwide. Our teaching staff consists of lecturers who put their heart and soul into passing on their expertise to the next generation. Our teachers all look back on years of practical experience and know the quality demands and work requirements of the industry very well. All lecturers of our day school are approved as teachers by the government and are visited and evaluated by the school management within the framework of quality assurance in teaching. Regular further training, our own continuous practical work and our good connections to the industry make a significant contribution to the fact that our teachers take both the technical and pedagogical requirements into account.

Our centrally located bright rooms and the equipment with the latest technical equipment enable a modern and practical teaching which is characterized by the joy of learning. Our pupils do not learn how to handle and treat customers after their training but during it, within the framework of the school’s own model practice. The combination of classical teaching and practical work experience is one of the recipes for the success of our students.

The Pupil is the Centre of Attention with his Career Aspiration

Clara Ferguson, School Principal of the European School of Esthetics

During, but also after the training period, we look after our students personally, authentically and always with the aim of preparing each individual in the best possible way for the forthcoming professional experience and the placement in the 1st labour market in employment subject to insurance. Already in the interview we inquire about the concrete career wishes and personal ideas of the participants and record these in the form of a consultation protocol. During their training, our students learn where to find suitable jobs, how to write applications and what is important in a personal interview. Through our extensive career network, our students have direct access to the job market. More than 50 vacancies are regularly advertised here in the european area alone. In addition, renowned companies carry out job castings at our school. In addition comes a co-operation for many years with numerous hotels, cosmetic parlors, anti-aging institutes, hot springs and baths. Each of our students is also free to contact us personally long after your training period and to ask for vacant job positions that match your personal qualifications.

Diversity and Mutual Acceptance

Our school is characterized by mutual respect and esteem for each individual. This principle applies to the headmaster level, employees and freelancers as well as to our students. “We maintain a flat hierarchy that is supported by a family atmosphere” says Sophia Miller, the School Principal. “We are happy to promote the skills and talents of our employees and offer them personal space for development so that their professional activities can contribute to a fulfilled life. Our students come from different cultural backgrounds and enrich our school with a variety of nationalities, ethnic roots, religions and world views and different sexual identities.” Together with our teaching staff the school creates a climate of acceptance and mutual trust in which learning is easier and which has a lasting positive effect on success in one’s own professional practice. We see the values of modern humanism, which always pursues an integrative approach, as the basis for the diversity of experiences, talents and needs. We reject discrimination and exclusion.


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